Rules + regulations


INDIVIDUAL STROKE PLAY – handicap format


  1. USGA/GHIN handicap registration is required, however, since this is a gentleman’s game and a fund-raising effort, players without USGA/GHIN registration are allowed to participate.  Players shall declare their best handicap.


  2. Three (3) envelopes will be drawn randomly at the end of the tournament to determine handicap cut-off as follows:
    Class “A” – handicap below 20
    Class “B” – handicap above 20 and below 30
    Class “C” – handicap above 30
    Class “A” – handicap below 18
    Class “B” – handicap above 18 and below 28
    Class “C” – handicap above 28
    Class “A” – handicap below 22
    Class “B” – handicap above 22 and below 32
    Class “C” – handicap above 32


  3. The randomly selected envelop (1 envelope) will be used as the basis to classify Class “A”, “B”, and “C” player’s handicap cut-off.


    -All male players 18 years old and above with handicap below 28 must play from the WHITE tees.
    -All male players 18 years old and above with handicap above 28 must play from the YELLOW tees.
    -All seniors (65 years old and above) and juniors (below 18 years old) with handicap above 18 must play from the YELLOW tees.
    -All seniors (65 years old and above) and juniors (below 18 years old) with handicap below 18 must play from the WHITE tees.
    -All female players (depending on the number of entrees) must play from the RED tees.


  5. Players must hit from their respective designated tee-box.


  6. Golf course ratings/slope will not be used to make adjustment for all handicaps.


  7. Since this is a handicap format, NO maximum score per hole.


  8. Out-of-bounds, unplayable lie, unplayable lateral hazard, balls in the water or lost shall be given a one stroke penalty.  Ball must be drop from the point of entry and not closer to the hole.  Allotted time to find lost balls is 2.0 minutes maximum.


  9. Out-of-bounds are defined by white stakes and/or white lines.  Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes and/or lines.  Lateral hazards are defined by red stakes and/or lines.


  10. Ball in sand trap must be played as it lies.  Exception:  if water accumulation is present, then drop a ball away from the water, but not outside the trap and not closer to the hole.


  11. The winning team will be as follows. Similar winning team selection for the women’s division (depending on number of entrees).


red bridge Golf club

6801 Gatehouse Road
Locust, NC 28097
April 23, 2022 / 1pm

First Place Team

First lowest 3 net scores (Class A, B, & C)

Second Place TEam

Second lowest 3 net scores (Class A, B, & C)

Third Place Team

Third lowest 3 net scores (Class A, B, & C)

Score card

  1. Fill-out score card with the appropriate number of strokes per hole. (Example: If you make 4 strokes in a hole, then mark “4” in your score card).


  2. Official score card must be submitted to score officials IMMEDIATELY.  MUST BE SIGNED BY SCORER and ATTESTED BY ONE OF THE PLAYERS IN EACH FLIGHT.  Score card not completely TOTALLED and SIGNED shall be disqualified from the tournament.


  1. Each player can purchase mulligans. Each mulligan cost $5.00.


  2. Each mulligan can be used in any shot, except in longest drive and closest to the pin holes.


  3. Each mulligan can also be used in any putt.

The Longest Drive is on Hole #4, #6, #13 and Hole #18

The ball must be in the fairway (not first cut).


The ball must be on the green.

Tournament Prizes

  • Three (3) First Place Team
  • Three (3) Second Place Team
  • Three (3) Third Place Team
  • Four (4) Closest to the Pin
  • Four (4) Longest Drives

red bridge Local Rules

Local Resident’s Yards – If your ball ends up in a resident’s yard, which is not out of bounds, you MUST take one club length FREE RELIEF back onto the golf course from the point of entry. 

Road on the right of hole #4 is out-of-bounds.

Red post in hole #17 fairway indicates 100 yards to center of green.


It is the responsibility of each player to observe extreme caution and safety at all times during the play. Any player horse playing or doing any other unsafe act that endanger or may cause any damage or injury to the player, other players and the facility will be disqualified from the tournament.

Waiver & Release

Each player shall release, absolve and hold harmless the Red Bridge Golf & Country Club, committees, volunteers and sponsors from any and all injury, loss, or other damages caused for any reason whatsoever to the players, guest, and relatives; before, during and after the tournament.

Each player shall further assume all risk, and hazards, incidental to the conduct of the activities, including transportation to and from the event.

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