sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Hole!

Sponsor a hole for a minimum suggested donation of $100. Funds raised through hole sponsorships will be added to scholarship donation.  Your generosity is encouraged and appreciated.  2024 Sponsors will be featured in the website as well as mentioned during the day of the tournament.

Deadline to sponsor a hole must be on or before April 19, 2024 to give us time to create signage.

thank you 2024 DONORS & sponsors


Sponsors Donors
Lin Family (Tom, Erica (Hugo) Lin, Oona, Johan, & Ronan) Conrado Casem
Jabjay & Edna (Hugo) Jaramillo Bert & Nini Rodriguez
Rene+ & Eyln (Hugo) Cantimbuhan Mercedes Pernia Hugo
Chito & Erma (Hugo) Alejandro John Christopher Hugo
Gerry Hugo Lorna Veloso
Edong+, Marian, Francis, Vren, & Martin Hugo
Eldie + & Zonie Pernia Rodis
Joseph Pernia Grandkids:  Anand, Satya, Annika, & Luca
Ernie Pernia Grandkids: Ian, Juanzo, & Luna
John Ordonez (for Millie Ordonez+)
John Ordonez (for Eddie Ordonez)
Nicholas Ordonez
Gene & Toni Ordonez
Sean & Jenn Rodis Lagesen
Azarcon & Manigross Family
Wally & Merly Penilla & Family
Dr. Rudy, Jackie & Vincent Ganzon
Martin & Carmen Faulmino
Veb & Anne Venci
Mary Anne Pernia Ordonez
Tessa Pernia Ordonez
Edwin Pernia Ordonez
Ed Vega
Carolinas International Golf Association (CIGA)
Blue Wolf Financial – Chad Mangum
Yeng & Vivian Macaspac – VELOSOS GO GREEN


Become a Sponsor

The Eric C. Hugo Golf Tournament counts on trusted sponsors to ensure the success of the big event. If you would like to become a sponsor, please fill out the form below and an event coordinator will contact you with the multiple opportunities we offer.

Sponsor a hole, donate prizes and packages, we would like to talk to you about making this tournament fun and increasing the proceeds that can be donated to the kids at De La Salle, Lipa High School in the Philippines. Any opportunity or ideas are welcome – no matter how big or small.